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  • a ferris wheel on a pier by the ocean

    Summer Fun in Santa Monica

    June is Pride Month, and there's no better place to celebrate than in Santa Monica with a host of exciting events. The Shore Hotel is just steps away from the action.

    Kick off the month with Fierce Fables on June 15, a family-friendly Drag Queen event hosted by Santa Monica Pier and The Crow. This celebration features a vibrant pride parade for all, emphasizing the spirit of inclusivity and community.

    On June 22, join us at Pride on the Promenade for a family-friendly block party. This  high energy event promises activities and entertainment that everyone can enjoy including live music and fun games. It's a fantastic opportunity to support local entrepreneurs, enjoy delicious food, and find unique products. 

    Then, from June 29-30, the Santa Monica Pier 360 Beach Festival takes over. This family-friendly weekend features a range of entertainment and competitions, including paddleboard races, ocean swims, and beach volleyball. Live music sets the mood, providing a vibrant soundtrack to your weekend by the beach. Food lovers will delight in the delicious offerings available, with an array of mouth-watering dishes and refreshing drinks to choose from. With interactive games and activities for all ages, fun is guaranteed for the whole family. There will even be a “Museum of Beach Life,” where the quintessential SoCal life is showcased.

    Santa Monica promises a fantastic start to your summer. Don't miss out on all the festivities in June!

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    Lights, Camera, Action: Movie Night in Santa Monica

    Experience the magic of the silver screen on your next visit to Santa Monica. Whether you're seeking the latest blockbusters or classic gems, Santa Monica offers diverse venues for every movie buff.

    For an immersive cinematic journey, head to AMC Santa Monica 7 in Downtown Santa Monica. Here, you can catch the hottest blockbusters with all the comforts of modern cinema. Popcorn and special treats abound.

    If you're yearning for a dose of nostalgia, the historic Aero Theatre on Montana Ave awaits. Enjoy a curated collection of classic films that showcase visual artistry at its best.

    For a family-friendly outing, mark your calendar for May 10 at 6:30 pm and join the vibrant atmosphere of Movie Fridays at Third Street Promenade. Bring along your loved ones, including your furry friends, and revel in the free screening of the hit musical "Mama Mia!" It's an evening of joy, laughter, and enchantment under the stars.

  • paddles and balls on a blue surface

    Pickleball Is Trending

    Pickleball has swiftly become one of the hottest sports to play in California, and where better to enjoy it than in Los Angeles' beach city? With its ideal climate and enthusiastic community, Santa Monica offers the perfect backdrop for this fun-filled activity, whether indoors or outdoors.

    For those seeking a boutique experience, look no further than Pickle Pop on Third Street Promenade, the brainchild of celebrity couple Erin Robertson and Stephanie McCaffrey. This state-of-the-art facility boasts three full-sized PPA approved pickleball courts and provides a stylish setting for pickleball enthusiasts of all levels. It's the ultimate destination for a lively and engaging game with friends or family.

    Alternatively, if you prefer the fresh air and sunshine, several outdoor courts across the city beckon. Head to Santa Monica Pickleball Center in the Wilshire neighborhood or Pickletown LA in Mid-City for a playful workout. 

    So pack a paddle and join in the pickleball craze sweeping through Santa Monica!

  • a person pouring wine into a glass

    Foodies Delight: LA Wine and Food Festival

    Indulge your senses at the inaugural Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival, set against the picturesque backdrop of Santa Monica from March 1st-3rd. This three day culinary extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience, featuring a lineup of 90 chefs, including 17 headliners, showcasing their culinary prowess. 

    From delectable dishes to exquisite wines, your ticket grants you access to a diverse array of flavors and libations. But this event is more than just a festival—it's a celebration of LA's vibrant culture and spirit. With a different headlining DJ each day, themed rooms inspired by iconic neighborhoods, and live art installations, you will find an immersive celebration of the City of Angels. Plus, don't miss the chance to elevate your experience at Yaamava's VIP Lounge, where esteemed chefs from Yaamava Resort & Casino will treat you to exclusive gourmet plates amidst luxurious surroundings. 

    The Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival is a short walk from the Shore Hotel so book your stay today. Come savor the essence of LA's culinary scene in style!

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    Celebrating Love in Santa Monica: A Romantic Escape

    Love is in the air in February, and the Pacific Ocean provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. Book your stay at the Shore Hotel for Valentine’s Day or any day this month. Santa Monica's charming streets, lined with boutiques and cafes, invite you to explore hand in hand with your loved one. 

    On Valentine’s Day, the Shore Hotel is offering an enchanting event – a soft jazz serenade on the patio terrace, creating an ambiance that's both intimate and memorable. Plus, indulge in Happy Hour prices, making it a delightful way to kick off your celebration.

    After being serenaded by the soothing tunes and basking in the ocean breeze, continue your journey by exploring the iconic Santa Monica Pier or strolling along the beach. As the sun sets, let the charm of Santa Monica lead you to a romantic dinner. There are so many restaurant options within walking distance from the Shore Hotel.

    Celebrate love in Santa Monica on Valentine’s Day and all month long!

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    Nature's Playground: Best Hikes Near Santa Monica

    Welcome to Santa Monica, where the sun-kissed shores meet the breathtaking beauty of nature's playground. While you're enjoying your stay at the Shore Hotel, don't miss the opportunity to explore the stunning hiking trails that this coastal paradise has to offer.

    Nearby is the Will Rogers State Historic Park, featuring the popular Inspiration Point Loop Trail. It is a moderate hike that offers stunning views of the Pacific, especially at sunset. 

    Close to the hotel, the Temescal Canyon Loop trail winds through verdant landscapes, culminating in panoramic views that encompass both the ocean and the cityscape. 

    The Solstice Canyon Trail is just a short drive away. This picturesque hike takes you through a shaded canyon, past serene waterfalls, and offers glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. It's a perfect blend of nature and tranquility.

    For adventurers seeking a more strenuous experience, Topanga State Park offers rugged trails with unparalleled ocean vistas. The Parker Mesa Overlook trail in particular is notable for its breathtaking coastal scenery.

    So lace up those hiking boots, breathe in the fresh coastal air, and enjoy the natural wonder and beauty of Santa Monica.

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    Ring In The New Year In Style

    If you're planning a stay at the Shore Hotel this New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of activities to help you ring in 2024 in Santa Monica. Whether you want to bar hop, laugh the night away, run in a race, or ice skate, Santa Monica has something for everyone!

    For those who love a good pub crawl, the Santa Monica New Year's Eve Pub Crawl or the Crawl ‘Til The Ball Falls are parties to check out. You can go all out with VIP entry to fantastic venues, exclusive deals, and drink specials. It's the perfect way to usher in the new year with friends and fellow revelers.

    If you prefer a night of entertainment, head over to the Santa Monica Playhouse for the 54th Annual New Year’s Eve Musical Revue or to The Crow for an evening of comedy with some of the best comedians in LA.

    For those looking to start the year on an active note, consider participating in the New Year’s Eve Half Marathon, 15K, 10K & 5K race. It's a fantastic way to challenge yourself and set a healthy tone for the year ahead.

    If you have a desire to go ice skating, you can ring in the New Year with a family-friendly East Coast Countdown Celebration at Ice at Santa Monica, presented by Netflix. It's the perfect option for families and kids of all ages to welcome the new year together.

    Dress up or dress down; there's something for everyone to celebrate the arrival of 2024 in style.

  • Santa Monica pier at sunset

    Thanksgiving In Santa Monica

    As the holiday season approaches, there's no better time to escape the hustle and bustle and embrace the warmth of Santa Monica. Nestled along the picturesque California coastline, the Pacific Ocean offers the idyllic backdrop for creating unforgettable Thanksgiving memories.

    At Shore Hotel, we’ll help make your holiday celebration with loved ones a perfect blend of relaxation, indulgence, and adventure. Stay three nights or more and save up to fifteen percent off your visit and pack in more fun.

    Discover an array of Santa Monica's finest eateries, where many are offering enticing Prix-Fixe Menus, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience. Delight in expertly curated meals that let you savor the flavors of the season without hours in the kitchen. 

    In addition to a delectable feast, seize the opportunity to partake in memorable family activities. From beachside strolls to exploring the vibrant Santa Monica Pier, there's something for everyone to enjoy. There’s even plenty to do without leaving the hotel property, including lounging by the pool, using the wellness center and gathering to cheer on your favorite sports team.  Imagine days filled with laughter and cherished moments – a Thanksgiving you'll treasure forever.

    Here's to a fantastic start to this year's holiday season!

  • a guitar and a guitar

    Fun Times at the Grammy Museum

    Los Angeles is a city known for its glitz, glamour, and rich cultural tapestry. Amidst the palm trees and star-studded sidewalks, one destination stands out for music enthusiasts and curious travelers alike: the Grammy Museum. Nestled in the heart of downtown LA, this museum offers a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the magic of music.

    From legendary artifacts to interactive exhibits, the Grammy Museum offers a fascinating journey through music history. Visitors can get up close and personal with costumes, instruments, and even original song lyrics that have shaped the soundtracks of our lives. 

    The Grammy Museum, open through September 4th, 2024, is set to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop with its expansive exhibit, Hip-Hop America: The Mixtape Exhibit. Spanning 5,000 square feet, this immersive experience delves into every facet of hip-hop culture. Iconic artifacts, including the Notorious B.I.G.’s red leather pea jacket and LL Cool J’s red Kangol bucket hat, serve as touchstones to the genre's evolution.

    So, whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for an entertaining outing, the Grammy Museum promises an unforgettable experience filled with fun, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation for the world of music.

  • a couple of people riding bikes on a road with a sunset in the background

    Cruising On Two Wheels

    The Santa Monica coastline boasts truly breathtaking views, and what better way to soak them in than on two wheels? At Shore Hotel, we provide beach cruising bikes from sunrise to sundown, ensuring you have ample time to savor every moment. As an added bonus, depending on your room selection, our bikes are either complimentary or available for a small fee.

    So, grab your water bottle, slather on some sunscreen, and embark on a memorable coastal bike ride along the Santa Monica Beach Path. Head south towards the iconic Santa Monica Pier, and you'll find yourself on a cycling journey to Venice Beach. Spanning pier to pier, you’ll cover a distance of 3.3 miles. Along this route, you'll encounter a plethora of landmarks and vibrant people, making the journey as exciting as the destination itself.

    If you decide to pedal north instead, you'll be delighted to reach Will Rogers State Beach in about the same amount of time. The whole way, you'll be serenaded by the soothing sea breeze and enveloped in the infectious good vibes of the beach.

    There are numerous fun routes right outside the doors of Shore Hotel. Our friendly staff is more than happy to help curate the perfect outing tailored to your preferences.

  • a street with palm trees and cars

    Discover Santa Monica's Vibrant Murals

    Santa Monica is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Just steps away from the shoreline, the walls of nearby establishments come alive with captivating murals, each telling its own unique story and allowing a glimpse into the city’s soul. Within its 8.3 square miles and eight neighborhoods, Santa Monica boasts an impressive collection of over 170 street art murals that have become an attraction for locals and tourists alike.

    The Shore Hotel is the perfect launching point to explore these must-see murals and here you can design your own walking tour. As you wander through Santa Monica's streets, it becomes evident that the entire city has transformed into an open-air gallery, inviting art enthusiasts and curious wanderers to immerse themselves in an enriching experience. 

    There are plenty of Insta-worthy photos and backdrops among this eclectic collection of street art murals. Make sure you snap one in front of Greetings from Santa Monica to remember your visit. This iconic mural is a vibrant depiction of Santa Monica's landmarks and attractions. Located on the side of the Historic Bay City Laundry building, this work of art is within walking distance from the Shore Hotel. 

    A treasure trove of street art murals awaits your discovery!

  • volleyball courts on santa monica beach

    Soak Up the Summer Fun with Beach Games

    Head to the beach and bring your game spirit! Whether you're a pro at beach volleyball, a master of Frisbee, or a fan of unconventional beach games, there's fun to be had just steps from Shore Hotel.

    Playing games at the beach adds excitement to an amazing day by the water while visiting Santa Monica. Imagine diving into the sand to save a volleyball from touching the ground, while your friends cheer you on. Or how about a thrilling game of beach soccer, where sandy goalposts and wobbly footing make for hilarious goal celebrations?

    If team sports aren't your thing, grab a Frisbee and showcase your flying skills. You can even spice things up with a game of beach dodgeball, where you try to dodge and catch balls while hopping over the waves.

    For a more relaxed beach game, set up a giant Jenga tower on the sand. The suspense builds as players carefully remove blocks, hoping the tower doesn't topple. A game of beach Pictionary can bring out your artistic skills, drawing and guessing doodles in the sand.

    Grab your swimsuit and sunscreen and let the games begin!

  • couple embracing in front of santa monica pier

    Vacation Memories: One Picture Won’t Be Enough

    Share your visit to Santa Monica with your friends and family or save your memories of your trip as a visual reminder of vacation fun. Here are four photos you will want to take during your stay.

    Pause and capture the mesmerizing expanse of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica Beach or Palisades Park. Let the palm trees and the gentle waves enhance the coastal ambiance of your ocean photos.

    The Santa Monica Pier captures the vibrant energy and nostalgic charm of this iconic SoCal landmark. Take your shot during the day or at twilight when the pier illuminates with a kaleidoscope of lights.The Pacific Park Ferris Wheel and Route 66 sign are popular spots for a selfie or group shot. 

    Catch the lively spirit of Santa Monica at the bustling Third Street Promenade. The energetic atmosphere, Lively crowds, outdoor cafes, and eclectic shops are the perfect backdrop.

    Witness the magical transformation of the sky as Santa Monica paints it with breathtaking sunset hues. Find a cozy spot and capture the ever-changing colors as the sun gracefully sets.

    Enjoy your photo adventure!

  • santa monica blvd with people crossing in the crosswalk


    Santa Monica is known for its pedestrian-friendly streets and stunning coastal views, making it one of SoCal’s favorite places to shop. Here’s our breakdown of the best shopping districts to check out this Spring:

    Main Street

    Head to the southern tip of Santa Monica for an eclectic shopping extravaganza (hello thrifters!). Bordering Venice, Main Street has all the funk and excitement of a treasure hunt – with custom surfboards, vintage jean jackets, and California memorabilia all on the list.

    Third Street Promenade

    The Third Street Promenade is easily the most famous shopping area in town. You’ll have your pic of dozens of stores ranging from department stores like Nordstrom, and to mom-and-pop kiosks. Also check REI's Santa Monica location for classes in rock climbing, mountain biking- even travel prep.

    You can catch a street performer between stores and enjoy the fresh California air.

    Montana Avenue

    Take a stroll down this quaint Westside favorite and check out Splendid, Clare V, Benefit Cosmetics, Planet Blue, and more. Easy to navigate and expertly curated, this street has it all. Need a break? Stop into one of the many charming restaurants or coffee shops to refuel.

    Now, grab your sunnies and shopping bag (‘cause the vibe is eco-conscious in Santa Monica), and head out  to the shops this season!

  • couple holding hands un the shape of a heart around the sun

    Love Is In The Air—and at the Shore

    Hey, Beach Lover! Do we have a special offer for you…all of February. The season of love is here, along with that Santa Monica getaway for two that you’ve been planning for months. 

    Make this Valentine’s date one to remember with a bottle of a Veuve Clicquot, strawberries and a Santa Monica sunset view. And you can book it right here (promo code: LOVE).

    Whether you’re on a quick stay-cation, or this is your first time in Los Angeles, exploring our Santa Monica Pier neighborhood will make for the most memorable Valentine date night ever. 

    First, gaze in wonder as the Pacific Wheel comes to life with an eye-popping light show as the sun sets; you can catch a ride until 10 pm. And, if you happen to be in town on V Day weekend, the Wheel lights up for love with a special show featuring hearts and fun emojis.  

    There’s plenty of good eats to graze: locals flock to the array of eateries. Have a look.

    Don’t forget to snag a photo booth picture- the Pier has multiple booths. Trust us, you’ll want to remember this! 

  • palm trees in santa monica

    If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know

    Looking to pick up more than a Santa Monica hoodie on your visit? How about a new skill set? Santa Monica offers a multitude of opportunities to pick up a fresh hobby. Here are some of our favorites: 

    Trapeze Class

    Ever dream of running away with the circus? Start building your skills now, with a trapeze class at the Santa Monica Pier. That's right, in a netted, cordoned-off area of the iconic Santa Monica Pier, Trapeze School Los Angeles offers classes and workshops in trapeze, lyra, aerobatics and trampoline. Take in the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean as you fly through the air with the greatest of ease! 

    Surf’s up

    You know it's on your bucket list-  and riding a wave is a thrill you shouldn’t leave Santa Monica without experiencing. Poseidon Paddle & Surf  will greet you with coffee and even hook you up with a hot shower after your surfing lesson. Each session is two hours long and all equipment is provided (even wetsuits). And don’t worry: no prior experience is needed.

    Crush stand-up comedy!

    Learn stand-up and improv at the Santa Monica Playhouse from “Professor of Stand-up” Greg Dean, who can count Whoopi Goldberg among his students. Greg and the instructors at Greg Dean's Stand Up Comedy Classes address Putting Together a Routine, Managing Hecklers and so much more. 

    Calling all Foodies

    Touted as one of the best cooking schools in Southern California, The Gourmandise School in downtown Santa Monica offers hands-on recreational cooking and baking classes for all- beginners to professionals, including kids (6 and over) and teens. Popular offerings include: Sushi 101, Croissant Workshop and Hosting a French Bistro Dinner. Classes are held in the school’s state of the art commercial kitchens on the third floor of Santa Monica Place.

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    Celebrate Independence Day at The Shore Hotel

    Planning an Independence Day getaway? Book a stay in one of our bright and airy ocean view rooms, just steps from the Santa Monica Pier. Our sister property, the Ocean View, is an equally sparkling choice for a fun and festive Fourth.

    Pre-game: On July 3, check out the huge selection of farm-grown fruits and vegetables, artisan cheese and baked goods at The Santa Monica Farmers Market. The market, held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, has been called the farmers market to end all farmers markets.” Taking up several city blocks, the market has a huge following within L.A.'s restaurant scene, with some of the city's most famous chefs, including Niki Nakayama of n/naka and Michael Cimarusti of Providence, shopping here.

    Be sure to kick the big day off old-school at the Santa Monica Fourth of July Parade. Cheer on marching bands, firetrucks and civic groups as local healthcare heroes and public safety workers are celebrated in this year’s parade.

    Looking for some good, old-fashioned boardwalk fun while you consider which epic spot to catch the pyrotechnics? The iconic Santa Monica Pier is just a short walk from your hotel. Fish, go for a ride on the 1922 carousel or take in the bay and mountain views from the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel.

    Meanwhile, here are some prime Santa Monica spots to view the surrounding SoCal fireworks shows:

    Planning an Independence Day getaway? Book a stay in one of our bright and airy ocean view rooms, just steps from the Santa Monica Pier. Our sister property, the Ocean View, is an equally sparkling choice for a fun and festive Fourth.

  • group of friends at a festival dressed as hipsters

    A Pier360 Day

    A summer favorite returns to Santa Monica for a summer kick-off, with free fun for everyone on the coast. Pier360 is back from June 25-26 welcoming all ages.

    Whether it’s surfing, swimming, paddleboarding, or skateboarding, watch as locals compete and celebrate the beach culture of Southern California. This two-day festival brings in anywhere from 8,000-to 10,000 beachgoers each year, all eager to play in the sand to live music, immersive games, and brand sampling. Unwind at the Beer & Spirits Garden, or enjoy some beachside yoga. The Museum of Beach Life celebrates the SoCal community with surf memorabilia curated by local artists and exhibits celebrating the birth of mainland paddleboard racing, beach volleyball, and the original Muscle Beach. Other fun activities include a skate jam, a kite exhibition, and an obstacle course.

    If you’re looking for a fun and lively summer event, head to the Santa Monica Pier, just a quick walk from Shore Hotel, and enjoy Pier360 Beach Sports & Summer Festival to the fullest.

  • Ariel view of catalina island with houses and boats in the ocean

    Sail Away to Catalina Island

    It’s no wonder why they call this city LaLa Land; while vacationing here, life can feel whimsical. Afterall, this is the city of dreams. Aside from the glitz, glamour, beachside festivities, and vibrant California culture, Catalina Island awaits just 22 miles off the coast. It’s time to shift atmospheres! 

    You’re first going to have to take a drive to Long Beach where you can either choose to depart to the island via helicopter or by ferry services like the Catalina Express. Exploring the island’s towns, Avalon and Two Harbors, will feel like you're somewhere in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the local cuisine, and make time to snorkel the clear blue waters surrounded by colorful fish. Thrill-seekers will be pleased to also find local ziplining attractions across the island’s mountains. 

    Having a glass of wine on Catalina Island is a true California delight and we want you to treat yourself this spring. Make sure you have enough nights in town and book with us now to receive up to 25% off on your extended stay. 

  • couple embracing in front of santa monica pier

    Love Is In The Air and on the Pier

    Valentine’s Day weekend is finally here, along with that Santa Monica getaway for two you’ve been planning for months. Whether you’re on a quick stay-cation, or this is your first time in Los Angeles, exploring the Santa Monica Pier and neighborhood will make for the perfect date. 

    Start your evening early and break out the blankets! Picking a perfect spot on the sand by the water is the best way to catch the sunset before a delicious dinner. We highly recommend checking out our list of favorite spots to snack and indulge in the best meals for the best Valentine’s Day experience; however, luxury awaits just a 5-minute walk away at BOA Steakhouse. You can count on finding that cure to your sweet tooth on the Pier at the Funnel Cake Factory. If it’s not too chilly out, pair it with ice cream from the popular Scoops Ice Cream and Treats. Watch as The Pacific Wheel comes to life in romantic color schemes and light displays as the sun goes down on February 14th; you can catch a ride until 9 pm! Don’t forget to snag a photobooth picture, with six booths to choose from to capture memories of a lifetime.

    No matter where you end up on your adventure, you can never go wrong staying by the beach for your romantic weekend vacation-for-two.

  • disco ball hanging in the trees

    Stroll Through the Arboretum in 2022

    The holidays may have come and gone, but the magic is still lingering at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden.

    From now until January 16th, experience Lightscape, an international and illuminating light show displaying wonderment through the Winter Cathedral, Fire Garden, and more! This mile-long walk will have you ooo-ing and ahh-ing through the garden. Dress warm as L. A does tend to get chilly at night this time of year. Food and beverages will be sold and you have until 10 pm to stroll. AN enticing gallery and tickets can be found online.

    If you don’t make it to the Lightscape exhibit in time this year, don’t worry! The Arboretum has events and workshops throughout the year that are just as exciting! Check out the full calendar to plan accordingly. Plan your visits around what’s in bloom; right now for winter you can smell the relaxing aroma of eucalyptus and snag a beautiful snapshot of magnolias. 

  • shorehotel blog hollywood sign and map

    Holidays at Universal Studios Hollywood

    Plan your trip accordingly with a rental, and give yourself time to break away from beachside fun to head towards some true Los Angeles excitement. A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is a must this holiday season. 

    From now until January 9th, enter the winter wonderland magic around the park, with multiple memorable experiences. Get your Christmas tree pic at City Walk, or in front of the one-of-a-kind Who-ville tree. During  Who-tacular Grinchmas™, get a selfie with the Grinch™ himself as you explore under the snowfall!

    Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ brings a magic of its own to the west coast. Wander around Hogsmeade™, trying seasonal treats, surrounded by festive decor and breathtaking lights. As the sun goes down, catch the seasonal cheer of the talented Holiday Frog Choir, and don’t forget to look at The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts™ Castle; a dazzling display of lights and music projected onto the castle. 

    Book your tickets online to get ahead at the park.

  • couple eating from food truck

    Join the Food Truck Frenzy in Santa Monica

    We’ve seen them parked curbside in cities all over America, some serving weekday lunches, others dazzling festival-goers with fancy fusion-style bites and traditional down-home grub. No matter what’s on the menu, food trucks are fun and affordable movable banquets. But ours here in Santa Monica became a weekly mainstay and, we might add, a ritual worth feasting on. We say that knowing full well that Santa Monica has incredible, gourmet eats all over the city, but none may be more accessible than the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot that pops up every Tuesday. Just a short walk away from Shore Hotel, you can find everything from poke bowls to slammin’ sliders to barbeque and bubble tea. The options are seemingly endless. Grab your choice of eats between Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard and stay to savor the local vibe. Find more info on the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot Facebook page.

    Add some spice to your Shore Hotel stay and follow the local foodies to a fun feast on wheels by the ocean.

  • movies in the park

    Classic Hollywood Cinema at the Cemetery

    A walk through the Hollywood Forever Cemetery should be a bullet point on your to-do list this vacation, as it is home to many legends. However, from now until September 25th, the film organization Cinespia invites you and your group for a movie night at the Fairbanks Lawn.

    Since 2002, from May-September, thousands gather every Saturday at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, to watch classic movies that are projected onto a white mausoleum. Enjoy the pre-show DJ and capture the memories at the photo booth. Don’t forget to pack your favorite snacks and refreshments as picnics are highly encouraged during that beautiful sunset! You might even spot a celebrity or famous director; what better way to complete your trip to L.A? Individual day tickets must be purchased in advance, and you don’t want to get there late, as room on the lawn for your big blankets fills up! 

    When the cemetery isn’t serving as an outdoor movie theater, guests can enjoy scheduled yoga sessions or concerts. A full list of events can be found online. 

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    Stroll Through the Third Street Promenade

    If shopping is on your agenda while visiting Santa Monica, be sure to stop by the Third Street Promenade, located right downtown. Originally opened as the Santa Monica Mall, this open-air market is perfect for any day of the week and is completely car-less, making it a fun, safe way to shop outside. This shopping district has a diverse mix of big-brand stores and smaller boutiques, as well as delicious restaurants dotted throughout all three blocks.

    The Third Street Promenade is a perfect weekend or weekday activity for the entire family. You can go directly from lounging on the beach to shopping at your favorite stores within minutes. There are also fun attractions like pottery painting and art galleries intermixed between various stores.

    Santa Monica is known for being a melting pot of art and culture. Experience it firsthand when you stop by this locally loved spot and get a healthy dose of the urban outdoors.

  • strawberry waffles

    Your Insider’s Guide To Brunching Like a True Californian

    Brunching is the most important meal of the day, especially when paired with great company and a Santa Monica view! Here are our top three scrumptious spots:

    Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe

    1014 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Head here any day of the week where brunch items are served from 8 am to 5 pm. The fried egg sandwich on house-made country bread is not to be missed!

    R+D Kitchen

    1323 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

    For a taste of true Southern Californian cuisine, follow the scent of freshly baked bread and breakfast faves to R+D Kitchen. It’s a modern take on American cooking, and focuses on seasonal ingredients, making each dish as pure as its originating farm.


    Brentwood Country Mart, 22 26th St #25, Santa Monica, CA 90402

    Elevate your vacation with a weekend brunch at this artisanal restaurant tucked away inside of historic Brentwood Country Mart. Choose from house-made croissants, cookies, seasonal muffins, and more — or select from prepared foods like cheeses, chocolates, charcuteries, fresh produce, wine, and beer. The homemade brioche french toast is a staple and will absolutely sweep you off of your feet! 

    Now stop reading and start eating... our mouths are already watering.

  • woman at farmers market

    Taste Your Way Through The Santa Monica Farmers Market

    If there is one thing we love in the great state of California, it has to be the Farmers Market! These local markets are a staple in Southern California society and are a way of life for many people in the area. Fresh food and sunshine are what we thrive off of. The Santa Monica Farmers Market is open every Wednesday, rain or shine, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The largest grower-only Certified Farmers Market in Southern California features over 85 vendors and can be found on Arizona Avenue between 4th and Ocean.

    Check out the selection of fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, baked goods, and prepared foods while people-watching and listening to local musicians. Buying local food isn’t just good for the environment, it's great for the Santa Monica community and your belly too. Local foods are always more flavorful and fresh — that is why you can spot tons of Southern California chefs picking out their ingredients right here at the Downtown Farmers Market of Santa Monica.

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    Meet the Locals at Heal the Bay Aquarium

    Just steps from our hotel, you'll find the Santa Monica Pier, famous for its carnival rides, games, food vendors, and more. However, one of the finest attractions there is the charming Heal the Bay Aquarium.

    The world-class aquarium, which is managed by the environmental non-profit group Heal the Bay, houses 100 local species of fish, including seahorses, starfish, and moray eels. Observe the harmless horn and swell sharks swimming in their open-air tank, or get handsy in the touch tanks that hold sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and hermit crabs.

    The aquarium is free for children under 12 years old and only five dollars for adults. On Tuesdays, the aquarium hosts live animal feedings where patrons can lend a helping hand. Through education, beach cleanups, and legislation, Heal the Bay is striving to reduce pollution and promote a thriving underwater ecosystem. Be a part of the restoration and support their efforts with a visit to the aquarium during your stay!

  • istock 1068333754

    Get a Hike in by Griffith Observatory

    Plan an entire day out on the Hollywood Hills with a light hike to see the Hollywood sign and a pit stop near the infamous Griffith Observatory. Start your morning off with an energizing breakfast to get you ready for an action-packed day out on the hills.

    After that, leave your car on Mount Hollywood for a short two-to-six-mile hike to see the Hollywood sign and gorgeous sights of downtown Los Angeles. Be sure to pack plenty of water for your hike; it’s important to stay hydrated out in the heat as the spring months approach!

    Head over to Griffith Observatory to get a special look at the Los Angeles landscape. Although Griffith Observatory is currently closed, hikers can still venture to the surrounding area for panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills. This fun-filled day is a perfect mix of outdoor exercise and picture-perfect sights, offering an ideal way to spend some time in the city.

  • istock 1194062158

    Environmentally Sound & Organic Skin Protection

    We only have one suggestion when it comes to relaxing by the eco-friendly pool at Shore Hotel: sit back, unwind, and don't use anything Mother Earth didn’t create. Protect your skin against the harsh California sun rays with Raw Elements sunscreen from our station at the pool.

    Raw Elements sunscreen is completely organic. It’s light, sweet-smelling, and doesn't contain harmful run-off because it’s oxybenzone-free. Organic ingredients like beeswax, black tea, natural zinc oxide, and cocoa butter make this sunscreen feel luxurious while also keeping it environmentally friendly.

    With the help of this lovely sun serum, spend a guilt-free day on one of our poolside loungers. Your vacation glow will be shining just a little bit brighter as you live in harmony with the environment and nurture your own body and spirit.

  • istock 182027428

    An Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day at the Shore Hotel

    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, commemorate your love by sharing a passion for the environment at the Shore Hotel. We value ecological responsibility above all else. Let us lead you through a romantic day that is both good for you and the globe.

    Go Car-Less: One of the joys of staying at our chic hotel is that everything is within walking or biking distance. Explore our exciting neighborhood by foot, or snag a complimentary beach cruiser for couple’s bonding under the scenic California skies.

    Swim in Our Solar-Heated Pool: Feel the power of the sun as you and your better half take a refreshing dip in our solar-heated pool. You’re not really on a Valentines' vacation until you’ve gone swimming together.

    Play Games in the Garden: Return to simpler times and engage in fun garden games at the Shore Hotel. Ditch electricity and spend some quality time together in the SoCal sun.

    Minimize your carbon footprint while celebrating your love-it’s the most romantic thing you can do for each other and the earth.

  • istock 1039525940

    Visit South Coast Botanic Garden for a Seasonal Delight

    This holiday season, South Coast Botanic Garden is putting on a festive, walk-through light show, which will be showing through the new year. Book a timed ticket for you and your loved ones and experience a very merry holiday stroll this December!

    As part of the seasonal installation, multicolored lights are illuminated all over Palos Verdes Peninsula garden, kept in time with a joyful soundtrack of music. Throughout the one-way loop that winds through the outdoor garden, you’ll find plenty of beautiful light displays to lift your holiday spirits and the ideal spot for a beautiful selfie, all while maintaining social distance!

    For non-members of the gardens, tickets are $34.95 per person. It should be noted that capacity is limited, and face coverings are required. Although the gardens will be closed during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, timed tickets are available every other night from 5:30 through 8:30 pm until Sunday, January 10th.

  • thanksgiving dinner party

    A California-Style Thanksgiving

    With the holidays quickly approaching, why not take a spin on your regular Thanksgiving tradition and approach it California style? Every year, people from all over the country gather around the kitchen to cook and watch football as they prepare their holiday feast, but have you ever considered leaving the mess behind and picking up a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy at home? 

    All over Santa Monica, restaurants and markets are offering Prix Fixe Menus for diners to carry out, providing an easy way out of the normal holiday routine. The best part about this style of Thanksgiving is that you can actually spend more one-on-one time with your family. 

    No matter how you’re planning to celebrate, we wish you and your family all the best with a great start to this year's holiday season!

  • istock 1277601828

    A Spooky At-Home Halloween

    While the holiday may look a little different this year, there’s no reason you can’t find some creative ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020! Whether it’s the candy or the frights that you fancy, see below for some socially distant activities that allow you to get festive with Halloween from home (or from your Shore Hotel guest room).

    For those looking for a relaxing evening, we recommend kicking back in one of our rooms, complete with a flat-screen TV, and settling in to watch a scary Halloween movie. Get into the spirit by heading to a nearby Santa Monica shop and buying some candy and spooky sweets to enjoy. To take the seasonal festivities to the next level, pick up the perfect pumpkin for you and your loved ones to carve for a show-stopping jack-o'-lantern, then bring it home as a keepsake. While 2020 may require some innovation, don’t let it stop you from celebrating with your favorite ghouls and goblins!

  • woman running stairs

    Step Up to the Santa Monica Stairs

    Californians have perfected the art of exercising outdoors, and it makes sense because one of the best parts of living in Los Angeles is the incredible year-round weather. The mild climate and sunny days make spending time outside such a treat. If working out is on your agenda during your vacation, make sure you stop by the Santa Monica Stairs to workout like a true local. It’s approximately 170 stairs to the top and is a pretty intense workout. Oftentimes you can spot actors, actresses, musicians, and even the occasional professional blogger doing their thing. Oh, and did we mention that this activity is completely free, aside from the parking at the top. Lace-up your running shoes and make your way over to this iconic exercise spot. After feeling the burn, stop to soak in incredible views of the beautiful hillside homes and the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

    Address: 4th Street & Adelaide Drive, Santa Monica, California 90402

  • istock 1153803315

    Biking in the Santa Monica Mountains

    Looking to get some exercise out in nature? Running parallel to the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Monica Mountains make up part of Southern California’s Transverse Ranges. With stunning scenery and challenging terrain, this system of parks, ridges, valleys, and canyons offers some of the best mountain biking on the west coast.

    Between beautiful hills and cliffs, bikers can find an excellent network of trails within the Santa Monica Mountains. For a pleasant ride that ascends gradually to heights of 1,000 feet, Mandeville Canyon Road is a great option. As the longest dead-end road in all of Los Angeles, it offers peace and privacy with panoramic views. For greater distance and adventure, the Sullivan Canyon - Westridge Singletrack Loop features breathtaking ocean views with steep climbs and historic stops along the way.

    For the ultimate challenge, head to the mountain range’s Backbone Trail. At 14.2 miles long, the bicycle route spans from Will Rogers State Park to Temescal Ridge. Along with gorgeous wildflowers and canyon views, the trail is full of exciting turns and switchbacks. Whichever bike path you take, expect a jaw-dropping journey from start to finish.

  • istock 539281555

    All About the Z-Boys

    It’s hard to talk about the history of modern skateboarding without mentioning Santa Monica. Specifically, the group of young surfers who began innovating the sport in the 1970s as the Zephyr Team (or "Z-Boys"). This group helped completely revolutionize the skate world, and they got their start along the beaches and streets of Santa Monica. Or, as they called it, Dogtown.

    The group would surf in a secret cove around Santa Monica Pier, which included a rickety, abandoned amusement park at the time. These 12 young surfers ended up forming the Zephyr Team with the help of Jeff Ho and Zephyr Surfboard Productions. Initially, skateboarding was just a hobby the boys enjoyed after a day of surfing. But once they formed the skateboarding team, they went on to compete in various competitions, bringing their own skating styles and modifications. Their innovations gained the most attention at the Del Mar Nationals in 1975, after which the Z-Team - and the skateboarding industry at large - surged in popularity.

    Nowadays, the legacy of Dogtown skate culture is still alive and well in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. While exploring the boardwalks and seaside skateparks, keep in mind where it all began!

  • istock 91365754

    The First Solar-Powered Ferris Wheel

    Sustainability in Santa Monica goes beyond our own hotel. Did you know that the Santa Monica Pier is home to the first-ever solar-powered Ferris wheel? Originally built in 1996, The Pacific Wheel is the world’s only Ferris wheel powered by solar energy. While it was replaced with a new wheel in 2008, the original solar panels remain, which can generate a maximum of 71,000 kilowatt-hours of photovoltaic power.

    In addition to the wheel itself, the 160,000 LED lights on the Ferris wheel are also a sustainable feature. While cutting energy consumption at a substantial rate, the bright lights continue to illuminate the evening skyline across Santa Monica’s beachfront. As a cornerstone of scenic landmarks in Santa Monica, the Ferris wheel at the end of the pier is also a must-see for anyone with a passion for green energy initiatives!

  • istock 1140266910

    A First Look at the Santa Monica Pier

    One of the most famous landmarks in the Los Angeles area is the nearby Santa Monica Pier. With its amusement park, concession stands, lookout points, and fishing posts, the double-jointed boardwalk and pier is a scenic LA site filled with excitement.

    So how did this local beach landmark come to be? Well, the original pier - built in 1909 - offered no amenities. It was constructed mainly to carry sewer pipes past the breakers. However, Charles I.D. Looff - the architect of Coney Island’s very first carousel - began to build an adjacent pier in 1916 with the intent of opening an amusement park. He opened the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome Building, which is now considered a historic landmark, in addition to merry-go-rounds, a wooden roller coaster, and a funhouse.

    After a number of restorations over time, the oceanfront Pacific Park was opened at the end of the pier in 1996. This Southern California center of merriment still offers visitors admission-free fun to this very day!

  • Colorful Rollerskates

    For Shore You'll Love The Strand

    Get outside and make some moves this summer because The Strand is calling your name. If you’ve never heard of “The Strand”, allow us to explain — right out front of our hotel is a great walking, running, and biking path that is right along the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. This iconic path stretches between Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. If you decided to hang out on The Strand, you can expect to pass through Muscle Beach, the Venice Beach Skate Park, and an assortment of restaurants and shops. In our opinion, The Strand is the best spot for people-watching and a great place to get in some outdoor exercise. If you’re the more adventurous type, roller-skates and skateboards are available for rent along The Strand and make for a great photo-op! Adventure like a local and hang a left out of the hotel, a right at the first light, and follow the crowd straight to the pier — just a few more steps and you will find the infamous Strand! 

  • Room Service in Hotel Room

    Don't Snooze on Our Sleepover Package

    With the rush of the new year and new goals, we can sometimes get burned out a little too quickly. There is no better place to catch a little R&R than in Santa Monica, where the sun is always shining and the weather is just right. We are steps away from the beach and our cozy ocean view rooms provide the perfect place to retreat for a few days while you and your significant other recharge your batteries. But before you book your stay here with us at the Shore Hotel, be sure to check out our Deep Sleepover Package. It includes an ocean view room for two, a Sweet Dreams sleep ki,t and a bedtime snack prepared each evening of your stay. The Shore Hotel is an ideal place to relax and focus on yourself—lay by the pool, grab dinner within walking distance, and then strut yourself back to your hotel room where you can close the curtains, snuggle up in bed, and catch up on all the z’s you’ve been meaning to take this 2020.

  • Friends Cheers

    Jazz up Your New Year With Live Music

    Our New Years' resolution for 2020 is to spend more time outdoors, having fun! And if there's one thing we know, it's that Santa Monica is just the place to do it. If you love live music as much as we do, we suggest you head over to Santa Monica Place for their weekly January Set. Every Thursday from 4-7 pm and Saturday from 3-6 pm, artists will be debuting their live music for all to hear. Not only is it a fun afternoon out, but it’s also a great excuse to catch up with friends, have cocktails, and enjoy the beautiful weather that Santa Monica has to offer. January Music at Santa Monica Place is family-friendly and in close proximity to some of LA's premier shopping and dining hotspots. If this event is one that piques your interest, you can see their full schedule of events here.

  • shutterstock_735658399

    Third Street Promenade Knows How to Do Holiday Cheer

    We may not be considered the city of lights, but that does not mean we don’t know how to put on a fabulous holiday display. If your travels bring you to Santa Monica Beach this holiday season, we suggest you swing by the Third Street Promenade when the sun begins to set. The entire promenade is lit up with dazzling white and green lights and will be adding more shine on December 22nd for our Menorah lighting—the display on the promenade is downright impressive. Not only is it the perfect place to people watch and sightsee, but you can also grab a quick pic with Santa Claus and his dear wife Mrs. Claus, go for an ice skate, and even do a little holiday shopping. We always suggest spending time in the Third Street Promenade because it is gorgeous and there is so much to do, but spending time there during the holiday season truly brings a new element to one of our favorite areas in Santa Monica. We hope these special seasonal festivities bring you just as much cheer as they do for us—Happy Holidays from your friends at the Shore Hotel! 

  • shutterstock_59989630

    Enjoy This Getty-Way from LA

    The Los Angeles area is truly full of surprises, which ironically should not surprise you at all. With a surplus of great restaurants, bars, and beautiful beaches, once in a while, some of our most beautifully unique attractions can sometimes take a back seat. This month we wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Getty Villas, but more specifically the gardens. The Getty Villas are a perfect way to get away from an always busy LA. Set just off the Pacific Coast Highway, the Getty Villa opened its doors in 1974, completely for free. This gorgeous space is a replica of Herculaneum’s Villa dei Papiri—a literal mirrored image. The architecture is based on ancient Roman structure, allowing for tons of natural light and fresh air. But the true beauty of this property is the gardens that share the grounds. There are four of them in the Villas that are home to 300 different types of Mediterranean plants. Tickets to the Villa are completely free, so you can enjoy the aesthetics of this hidden gem, set along one of the most famous highways in the United States. 

  • colorful pumpkins

    Hoard All the Pumpkins This Halloween

    Do you typically prepare for the holidays last minute? Then this silly event might just be for you. Whether you are participating or just a bystander, you should definitely swing by Arizona Avenue and Second Street to watch the All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch unfold. This $5 event will be on Halloween morning starting 8:30 am. The idea is that you can have all the pumpkins you can carry for just $5. This event is particularly great for procrastinators because of the great price and surplus of pumpkins—as long as you have a decently long wingspan or a creative strategy to hold a ton of giant orange orbs. Come dressed in your costume for an added element of fun and leave with the perfect pumpkins to carve. This event is a fun way to kick off your Halloween day festivities! 

  • womanindepartmentstore

    R&R and Retail Therapy

    The month of September brings an exclusive offer from the Shore Hotel in partnership with Bloomingdales: Shop and Shore Package. This end of summer special provides an opportunity for retail therapy along with some R&R at the Shore Hotel in sunny Santa Monica.

    Along with overnight accommodations for two guests at the Shore Hotel, you’ll receive a Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Bag with a $30 gift card, a 15% off savings certificate, a Bloomingdale’s signature gift, as well as a 30-minute beauty consultation. On top of all the Bloomingdales treats, you’ll also be given access to the Meditation Garden at the Shore Hotel for a morning self-guided meditation session.

    Indulge a little and then clear your mind. Take advantage by booking any time between September 1–30, 2019. You must book 48 hours in advance of your stay, and blackout dates do apply. Pricing for the package starts at $359, and the offer is subject to availability.

  • shutterstock_689809093

    Run off Positivity in Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is full of festive events all year long, but one of our most cherished traditions is the 5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon that is put on every month by A Better World Running. Created by two passionate runners, A Better World Running was designed to share their love of running with the community, while also providing a positive impact on other runners and humanity. 

    Each month this group hits Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Huntington Beach in hopes of bringing fellow local runners out on the streets of Southern California. The best part about these monthly runs is that each run is themed around the season. Whether it's a Summer Sizzle or a Turkey Trot, you’re bound to have a great time with other runners in your community. The outcome is typically around 100-150 people, which makes it the perfect size to meet like-minded people and get in a quick workout before you start the weekend. Running off positivity, this run will be a great boost for your vacation in Santa Monica! 

  • shutterstock_1377382046

    It's a Shore Thing That Your Fourth of July Will Be Great in Santa Monica

    Do your Fourth of July plans include a stop in Santa Monica Beach? If so, make sure you get ready for this year's annual Fourth of July activities. There are so many fun things to do in and around Santa Monica on this day. Kick your Fourth of July morning off right, by attending the 13th Annual Fourth of July Parade—that will most definitely be a sea of people colored in red, white, and blue. You can catch this parade right on Main Street but get there early because the streets will fill up quickly to cheer on this patriotic procession. The afternoon is a perfect time to set up camp on Santa Monica Beach for a little holiday people watching and relaxing summer satisfaction. Cap your evening off with a little red, white and boom! Santa Monica Beach does not have fireworks but there are tons of locations around the area that have inexpensive or free shows, and you can find them HERE! From all of us at Shore Hotel, Happy Fourth! 

  • day market festival

    Summer SOULlstice Is the Place to Be in Santa Monica

    If summer could talk, it would tell you to head down to The 19th Annual Main Street Santa Monica Summer SOULstice Festival. As we anxiously anticipate this year's SOULstice Festival, we wanted to clue you into some of the details. The Summer SOULstice will be taking place on June 23rd at 1 pm right here on Main Street. The festival will be a mile-long from Pico Blvd. to Marine Street. The open festival will have six stages playing music and showcasing other events, a few beer gardens, and even tents for the kids and the pups! This one-day event has become a summer favorite and there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. The festival is completely free to attend, but if you’d like to amp up your experience VIP tickets are available here. Celebrate summer the right way and spend time in the sunshine with thousands of other festival-goers this June! 

  • shutterstock_453201358

    Surf Down 'The Strand' in Santa Monica

    Be your own tour guide on your next visit to Santa Monica by renting a bike and hitting ‘The Strand.’ Become one with the locals of Southern California and treat yourself to an inexpensive, not to mention a completely green way to explore Santa Monica. There are so many beautiful places to see in this area of California and you don’t even need a GPS to see them all. The Strand is a multi-use recreational trail that stretches along the Pacific Coastline for 22 miles, making it a great way to explore without getting lost. You can walk or run on this trail but we prefer to bike ride as it's a little more fun! Pick up your rental bike at Will Rogers State Park and take it all the way to the end at Torrance County Beach. Trust us when we say that there is some seriously great people watching along the way and you’ll have no problem hitting every important spot that Santa Monica has to offer along the way! 

  • shutterstock_1034306074

    Save the Earth in Santa Monica

    April is all about the earth and in honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to recognize an amazing organization in the Los Angeles area that is constantly working towards a healthier planet. With a focus on the ocean, Heal the Bay was created 34 years ago in an effort to help make the bay a thriving, healthy place to live. The month of April is an important one for Heal the Bay because they have officially recognized it as Earth Month and have planned planet-friendly activities all month long. Be sure to get involved in the beach cleanup on actual Earth Day or swing over to Ben & Jerry’s to get a chance to meet the team behind Heal the Bay and snag a free ice cream cone! Santa Monica is one special place and so is our earth, which is why we applaud Heal the Bay and can’t wait to see what this April brings.

  • shutterstock_519505840

    Segway Your Love for Santa Monica

    There are tons of ways to get around in Santa Monica, but one of the most fun ways to see the entire city is by Segway! Suit up and bring out the entire family for this unique way to see what Santa Monica has to offer. This two-wheel tour will take you along a bike path throughout all the coolest parts of downtown and lead you to the most happening area of Venice Beach. We know you might be here for sightseeing, but the best part is always the people watching! You’ll see everything from famous graffiti walls to the infamous Muscle Beach and Venice Skate Park. This tour is perfect for you and your teens or as a romantic trip for two. See what all the rave is about and get wacky with your tour guide on this quirky tour. 

  • actors jumping on stage

    10 Years of Storytelling in Santa Monica

    In Santa Monica, we welcome and celebrate the arts. We believe that art and culture are what make our society so unique and colorful. One of our favorite theaters that we support just happens to be one of the oldest in Santa Monica, and it's just a few blocks away from the Promenade. The Miles Memorial Playhouse is our neighborhood theater, built in 1929 with the funding provided by a passing J. Euclid Miles. He wanted the theater to be built for children and young artists as a way to express themselves in a public arena. 

    Fast forward to 2019 and the lovely month of February, Miles Playhouse is doing just that. Fireside at the Miles is celebrating their 10th Season and want you to come along. Enjoy organic snacks, an open fire, and incredible performances from all different genres. Cozy up and support our local theater and flourishing art community!   

  • girls eating food at a festival

    It's Food Truck Frenzy in Santa Monica

    It is no secret that Food Trucks have paved the way of affordable fine dining and delicious fusion restaurants since they rolled into our lives. These pop-up establishments took the country by storm a few years ago and the fascination has continued to grow ever since. Santa Monica has tons of incredible eats all over the city, but a fun way to experience more than one flavor at a time is by attending the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot that pops up every Tuesday. 

    Just a short trot away, you can find everything from poke bowls to taco trucks, the options are endless in this little lot! The lot is located between Main Street and Ocean Park Boulevard and is full of fun and locals. See what the Santa Monica community is all about while enjoying some of the best food around town. It's time to spice up your life mid-week with this fun and creative way to experience the local food scene!