Steve Farzam

Steve Farzam, Chief Operating Officer

Steve Frazam

Steve Farzam grew up in Los Angeles, California, and enjoyed assisting his parents & sibling’s with operations and decision making in the family owned business, Ocean View Hotel. At a young age, Steve developed an avid passion for the hospitality industry and a strong resolve to give back to the community. These are some of the factors that brought him to where he is today. Steve is very active in the community, and has a passion for helping people and sustaining our environment with eco-friendly initiatives.

Steve graduated from the California State University Northridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He then continued his education by attaining a paramedic certification at Southwestern College. Steve demonstrates his dedication and passion to the community and its people in many ways. Steve offered his professional services while volunteering with the spcaLA as an EMT with the Disaster Animal Response Team, which consists of personnel that are trained to rescue animals in major disaster evacuations. Steve was able to donate his time and travel to help with the efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Steve continued to support spcaLA in their mission to prevent cruelty to animals by generously donating a vehicle, the Ford Crown Victoria was well received. Steve was awarded the Medal of Valor from the Burn Institute by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for risking his life in order to save the life of an individual trapped inside a burning car. Lastly, Steve actively invests in the education of his 115 employees at the only newly constructed LEED Gold certified Shore Hotel, Santa Monica.

With many years of leadership in the hospitality and public service industry, Steve leads by being hands on as a teacher in leading training initiatives. He brings an impeccable commitment and dedication to his work at Shore Hotel. When not working, Steve enjoys travelling, spending time with his family, and his passion for animals extends to the time he spends with his two dogs.