Santa Monica’s First LEED Gold Certified Hotel

Revolutionizing sustainability within the hospitality industry, every aspect of our environmentally friendly hotel has been designed to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Our hotel uses locally procured recycled materials, many salvaged from the building's preexisting site. By choosing to stay with us at Shore Hotel, you're already reducing your carbon footprint. 

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Be a Kind Traveler

Shore Hotel Santa Monica is a proud partner of Kind Traveler to support the important work of Santa MoniCares in furthering the wellbeing and sustainability of our community. Kind Traveler, a veteran-and-women-owned public benefit corporation, is the first socially conscious Give + Get travel platform empowering a new generation of responsible travelers to positively impact the communities they visit. We invite our community to explore exclusive offers and an opportunity to give back to Santa MoniCares. 100% of donations go to charity. Learn more about this unique opportunity to give back while visiting us in Santa Monica, CA.

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  • Implemented 100% Marine Biodegradable product for food and beverage to go containers, lids, cups.
  • Removed plastic and bio-plastic straws, replaced with Marine Biodegradable plastics.
  • Removed glass and plastic water bottles for sale in the rooms, replaced with JUST Water recyclable and biodegradable reusable water bottles.
  • Implemented large container room amenity products replacing the small single use bottles.
  • Empty coffee and tea capsules are sent back to Nespresso to be recycled, giving the pods a second life.
  • We purchase organic local produce and free trade foods whenever possible, including free-range poultry, eggs, and meat, wild-caught salmon, organic coffee, and organic locally grown fruits and vegetables.
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  • In room climate control reduces energy consumption by 35%-45%.
  • Low flow shower heads result in 20% water reduction over traditional shower heads.
  • More than 90% of our guest rooms have a direct line of sight to the outdoors and natural daylight.
  • All guest rooms have balconies with sliding glass doors that allow for natural ventilation, optimal views, and thermal comfort.
  • EcoQuartz bath and desktops contain ecologically safe solvents & adhesives, minimizing vapors and residue.
  • Guest rooms are equipped with ducted fresh-air systems with ventilation rates exceeding code requirements for best indoor air quality.
  • Our bath products are paraben free with packaging made with EcoPure, an organic additive that causes plastics to biodegrade in a landfill disposal environment.
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  • Our swimming pool is heated by solar energy, reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Drought-resistant plants used for landscaping save 20% more water.
  • Our elevator pulley system is designed to save up to 75% more energy than conventional elevators.
  • Shore contains low-emitting paint and carpet free of volatile organic compounds (VOCS).
  • More than 10% of building materials are local to the region.
  • Use of extensive LED lighting throughout the hotel and property.
  • Parking garage ventilation system minimizes energy consumption and ensures adequate ventilation based on dynamic CO levels.
  • Storm water management plan captures and treats stormwater runoff.
  • No use of CFC-based refrigerants on property.
  • More than 75% of our roof surface is covered in solar-reflecting material to reduce heat islands.
  • Fitness center has a water refill fountain.
  • Hot water system operates at a thermal efficiency rate of 85%.
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Revolutionizing Sustainability

Using LEED Green building standards, our environmental policy is aimed at conserving energy, water and natural resources through internal and external efforts such as purchasing environmentally friendly products and promoting awareness to our guests and team members daily. “Reuse, Recycle and Reduce,” is at the core of our policies and implemented throughout the hotel from water efficient showerheads and faucet aerators to Energy Star rated appliances and INNCOM guestroom management system. By choosing to stay with us at Shore Hotel, you're already reducing your carbon footprint.

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